Me! Me! Me! All About Me!

Since I became a mother I’ve become accustomed to talking/caring/thinking about the children so much I’ve lost my sense of individual identity. This whole ‘About’ page has me at a loss. ‘About’ what? ‘About’ me? ‘About’ the blog?

Three and a half years ago I gave birth to a beautiful, wonderful, demanding little girl. I left the working world and entered the S World. Two and a half years later my world expanded a bit and became the S & V World. S and V, my two little girls, pretty much my whole world. We have three cats too, and my darling husband works from home which adds a whole different dynamic to this stay-at-home gig. This blog is more for myself than anything/one else. A way of capturing the fleeting moments of childhood, a way of remembering who I am right now. We have thousands of photos but its hard to remember the emotions and thoughts behind the snapshots.


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