Grapefruit for Dessert

Published December 28, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Do you know what tastes good after eating grapefruit? Nothing. I bet even oranges taste nasty after grapefruit.

I had fruit salad, heavy on the grapefruit, for dessert purposely so I wouldn’t eat any more cookies this hour. Yet here I am now, wondering how many cookies it would take to get past the grapefruit aftertaste, then past the nasty flavor of refined sugar mixed with grapefruit, and finally on to that point where cookies taste good again. How many would it take, do you think? Four cookies? Six? Somewhere in that range, probably.

The first three to five cookies would be wasted, sacrificed to change the taste bud receptors from sour to sweet. So the real question becomes: is it worth wasting three to five homemade cookies, most likely of my own making, just to enjoy one? Not that I would stop there. At that point I’d probably just make it an even dozen. Why go through all of that work & bad flavors for one good cookie? Totally not worth it.

Which then brings me to this question: how badly do I want this (dozen) cookie(s)? Badly enough to gain another five pounds this month? Badly enough to eat myself into physical pain? Badly enough to overdose on sugar right before I have to wrestle the children into the bathtub?

I could just wait until later, to eat more cookies. I could wait until bath time is over, and the children are in bed. Presumably the grapefruit aftertaste would be gone by then. I could likely enjoy each and every cookie if I just waited another hour or two. That would be the smart thing to do.

Plus, let’s be honest: regardless of how many cookies I have now, I’ll eat more later.


One comment on “Grapefruit for Dessert

  • Peanut butter. More specifically: Skippy. When dieting, to get the taste of something out of my mouth, I eat a little peanut butter. Sugar cravings, salt cravings, chocolate–gone. Try it.

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