Afternoon Crafts

Published October 9, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

My kids watch WAY too much television. They ask for it, I say no, and then the little one throws a colossal fit. I give in and turn on the TV, feeling guilty about not actually playing with them. This happens almost every week day. Yes, I’m a terrible mom.

I’ve been making a solid effort to change this. Today’s effort came in the form of coffee can crafts. My bright idea was to remove the coffee can label, cover the can with craft paper, and the girls could paint the cans. Easy yet different, right? And it uses stuff we already have!

The coffee cans I have are cardboard, so I’ll never be able to get rid of the coffee smell. I had been thinking of making holiday cookie containers with the cans, but unless we only make coffee cookies, it won’t work. Hmm…. I guess we are stuck making banks. That is less fun than cookie containers. Moving on…

While cutting out the paper I realize it’s too thin to paint so we are stuck with markers and crayons, making the project less fun. Paint is special, markers and crayons are the norm. Moving on…

I clean the cans, cut the paper, set out the markers. Everything is ready. The kids just need to decorate the paper and I’ll glue it to the can. Easy, right? Sure!

First, there is arguing over who gets which markers. I move the seats around so they can share the markers. Then, they each only want whatever marker I am using, only to discard it .7 seconds later. S wants to color my paper, V wants to have a snack.

S finishes her paper and is ready to glue. She refuses to use the opened glue sticks, and insists upon using one from the unopened pack. I refuse, so end up doing the glueing myself. She then asks about the lack of hole in the top of the can. Oops! I forgot to cut the holes.

I stab my scissors into the plastic top and immediately slice my finger open. At the same time I realize V has gotten the top off the glue stick and is coloring my paper with glue. I grab the scissors and glue and run off to the kitchen to clean up my bloody finger, where I manage to leap over a surprise pile of cat puke.

When I return with bandaged finger (and cleaned floor) to the Scene of Crafting Fun, everyone has lost interest and is playing with other stuff. V barely put a marker to her paper so I drag her back, stick a marker in her hand and ask her to do more. “More” ends up being three dots (literally) and then she is “done!”

Set-up and clean-up of Crafting Fun: 30 minutes.
Crafting Fun: less than 10 minutes.

That went well, right?


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