Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Published October 7, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

I’m having a Day. Not a Good Day, or a Bad Day, or a Difficult Day. Just, a Day. One of those days when the weather is strange and there’s lots of random thoughts flitting about my head. Such as:

1) I make rice and beans a lot for a Polish/Irish/Cherokee woman married to a German/Italian/Polish man. Like, a LOT. I almost never make any Polish dishes, and absolutely never make any Irish or German dishes. Yet, I make rice and beans weekly.

2) I’m three books into a romance series I thought was four books but apparently is at least five books. I’m not sure I want to go that far for a Happily Ever After, especially when the author painfully includes the backstory of the previous books on each new book. It’s pissing me off because I really want that HEA and have spent four days invested in the first three books.

3) WHAT was I thinking when I told my then 3 y/o daughter we’d talk about getting a dog when she was five??? THAT IS ONLY 7 MONTHS AWAY!!! It seemed light years away when I said it!!!

4) I am patiently waiting to hear back from someone about being a paid beta reader. I really really really really want this. Getting paid to read and critique books? I feel like I’ve been looking for this my entire life! Please please please please let this work out. It is my Dream.

5) When I said I was patiently waiting in #4? Yeah, that was a huge lie. I’m jumping out of my skin waiting.

6) I think a small Nutella-fall (waterfall of Nutella) would be a fatal fantasy, but I can’t stop wanting it.


2 comments on “Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

  • I am touched about #4. I thought I’ve been cumbersome and pushy through this whole “business transaction”. I’ve played team sports my whole life–writing is a strangely lonely activity. You’ve made things way more fun!

    Dang it; I’m in the bath and my kid keeps coming in territorially. And poking my fat. Distracting.

    Side issue: you write well. Let’s get a novel out of you!

    • I am SO not a novelist, but thank you. Also, my attention span is crap. I can’t even stick with a blog!

      P.S. The bathroom is the party room! I can only take baths at midnight, because it’s the only way I get the room to myself. Then I worry about falling asleep & drowning, so it’s not very relaxing.

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