Cats vs. Kids

Published September 27, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Sometimes I wish child-raising was like caring for cats.

Are they bored? Just sprinkle some catnip around and watch them go crazy.

Are they being naughty? Just shake a can of pennies at them, or spritz them with a water bottle.

Are they being really naughty? Lock them in the bathroom until they can get along.

But, no. There’s all this calm talking and lessons and deep breathing to find more patience when you are sure you’ve run out.

Which leads me to a great business idea: Loan-A-Kid.

Are your cherubs on your last nerve? Do you need a break, just for a few hours, but don’t want to use a traditional baby sitter? Do you need to get some things done but feel guilty about neglecting your kids?

Loan-A-Kid matches your cherubs with a lovely, caring couple who would like to parent for a few hours. Perhaps they cannot have children, or aren’t yet ready for the full-time parenting gig. Perhaps they simply chose not to have kids, but would still like to lavish love and attention on a few children for short periods of time. These loving couples have been carefully screened and are ready to love your children for a few hours.

Maybe this idea needs a bit more thought…

In the meantime, I have to go hand out catnip and chocolates.


One comment on “Cats vs. Kids

  • I shall leave a comment on every post–why is no one else doing it??

    #1 Your problem is cats. You need dogs. “Fido, watch the naughty baby!”
    “Arf, arf!”
    “Good dog.”
    Then, when said naughty baby freaks out, rest assured the growling will solve all.

    I have not tested this theory, but it sounds fool proof.

    #2 Loan-A-Kid is why you have trusted mothers through play dates. Give me yours for a while and get a mani-pedi. Next time we’ll swap.

    Next level of friendship: champaign play dates. Get a few Irish friends and they’ll work you in to that one. Great times.

    Please note my issue with spelling–does champaign look right to you. It’s giving me an evil eye…

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