Mommy’s Night Out

Published September 13, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Vomit, vomit, everywhere
On my shirt and in my hair
Splattered on the refrigerator door
Puddled on the kitchen floor

On the table, on the chair
In my bra (is that an overshare??)
It probably is but I don’t much care
Vomit, vomit, its everywhere.

Minutes before I was to leave for the night
Miss V started puking with all her might.
So, mommy is home instead,
A plan well execu-ted.

Bout #2 – I thought she was done!
Dad’s turn this time to share in the fun
The laundry was started, a bit premature
More puke is coming, I am almost sure

How many showers will we take tonight?
Do I wash her each time, or wait until she feels right?
The smell, I cannot take it
It’s in my nose, I cannot escape it

The tv is on, a rare nighttime treat,
As we wait for her tummy to take a seat.
Cleaning a crib is quite a chore
So we’ll stay downstairs until she’s puking no more.


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