Home-Made Irish Cream

Published March 9, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

I have a fb friend, a real-life friend from high school, that makes her own Bailey’s. She makes it frequently, and in large quantities, mostly at the request of her friends. She sometimes posts photos of the finished product, and it looks GOOD.

Being too cheap to buy real Bailey’s, I decide to make my own this week. I don’t have a recipe, and instead of asking my friend for hers, I do a Google search and find one with several positive comments. Perfect. I get all of the ingredients at the supermarket, and assume I have the necessary booze.

Husband is in Canada on business for three days. I have been wine-free for his entire trip, but by the last night, the one he was supposed to return home but didn’t because of the weather, I decide I have been good long enough and set up my booze-making operation.

Recipe: check.
Non-alcohol ingredients: check.
Alcohol: well…..

Well, the recipe says that while she suspects Jameson whiskey is supposed to be used, she used regular whiskey and the results were delicious. My liquor cabinet options are scotch, Jose Quervo, triple sec, peach schnapps (Fuzzy Navel, anyone???), and some sort of cheap, German vodka (??!!). As scotch is a type of whiskey I figure that will work and get started.

The scotch – Johnny Walker Red – is a bit old. A bit old as in “has tiny bits floating about”. I get out a strainer and cheesecloth, remove the bits, and continue. I use up what is left of the Johnny Red but need a 1/4 cup more so dip into Husband’s Chivas. It’s a good cause so I don’t feel too terrible about it.

The recipe says that my delicious, low-cost home-made irish cream can be consumed right away. I pour a glass and try it. Wow. Not exactly Bailey’s. The scotch is really strong. Maybe the flavors just need to meld a little.

I try it again in a few hours. It hasn’t gotten any better. I fill up the rest of the glass with milk and chocolate syrup (two of the many ingredients) and see if that makes it any better.


To be honest, I usually add Bailey’s to my coffee.

The next morning I replace the milk in my coffee with some of the chocolate milk-Irish (Scotish?) cream concoction.

Egads. I can now add a cup of coffee to the list of foods I have wasted in the pursuit of saving money. I give up and pour a new cup of coffee.

Later that day, when Husband finally returns home, I tell him about my experiment. When I get to the part about using scotch, he looks at me like I am an idiot. Which, apparently, I am. Despite being called ‘scotch whiskey’, it is a completely different type of alcohol and not a suitable replacement for Jameson’s. I might as well have used the tequila.

I’m just going to go buy a bottle of Bailey’s.


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