Published March 2, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

The other day I wasn’t feeling well and had zero interest in food, except for two odd cravings: cherry lifesavers and brownies. (No, I’m not pregnant. Promise.) I wasn’t feeling up to the supermarket so tried a conveniently-located drugstore chain.

I couldn’t find cherry lifesavers so opted for a bag of jellybeans instead (which didn’t even have a cherry flavor so it was a poor substitute). They did have a box of brownie mix, which was $3.40. For brownie mix. There’s no way I’m paying that much! I could totally make them from scratch, I’m sure I have all the ingredients at home already.

I’ve never made brownies from scratch before.

I find a recipe that uses cocoa powder, as all of the chocolate chips in the house have been used in the hundred batches of chocolate chip pancakes. Score. It’s an Alton Brown recipe so quite complicated. I have to sift everything, including the brown sugar (??!!!!). The prep process takes so long that S, who had been salivating over the prospect of baking chocolate (2 of her favorite things), lost interest.

One hour and four bowls later the brownie batter is finished. The anticipation is so great S has been jumping up and down, giving little yips of excitement. Its dinner time, so we wait until after dinner to have our first brownies.

Wow. They are rich, chocolatey, totally delicious. Possibly the best brownies I’ve ever had. Worth the time and the sinkful of dishes. V destroys her brownie, and S eats most of hers. Chocolate is always a big hit.

I then eat the entire plate of brownies, by myself, over the next two days. I saved one for the girls to share, and felt guilty about eating all that I had. S has so little faith in the longevity of sweets in my presence that she makes me promise not to eat her dessert, should she need to leave the table while eating. I am sure she’s going to be upset I ate all the chocolate.

Today after breakfast I get the lone, remaining brownie, and cut it into thirds (I know, I’m terrible). I put the largest third on S’s plate. Her reaction? “No! I didn’t like them!”

Shrug. More for me.

It was delicious.


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