Wet Feet

Published February 28, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Feeling helpful, S decided to sweep the kitchen today. She calls it ‘brooming’. The broom is rather large, and the kitchen not so large, which led to the inevitable bumping the broom into the cats’ water dish. Repeatedly.

S ran to me to tell me that water is used for cleaning. Yes, Darling, but that’s called mopping. Sweeping doesn’t use water. “That’s okay!”

What does that mean?

Seconds later she’s crying because her socks are wet. Why? “I stepped in a puddle!” I assume she’s playing by the cat bowls and investigate, ready to scold her.

She broomed the spilled cat water all over the kitchen floor. Instead of getting a towel to clean up the water, she puts on her rain boots.

“So my feet don’t get wet again.”

Oh, my head.


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