Baby talk

Published February 13, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Little V is quite the chatterbug. She tells us all sorts of things that we don’t understand, and several things we do understand.

She calls Daddy “Da!” and I am “Mama”. Her “all done” is quite clear, as is “bye!”, both of which are accompanied by the proper hand gesture. Sometimes she even makes noises that sound like commonly used phrases. I swear I heard her say “thank you” and “love you!” the other day but I haven’t heard them since. She also sings along with the LeapFrog letter magnet, that plays the Alphabet Song.

Mostly, though, she says “Ba!”

Ba can be anything – a ball, a cat, a toy, a book. You name it and she calls it Ba.

This morning S was playing with V’s stuffed Minnie Mouse doll. Not being great with sharing her own toys, Daddy asked her to put Minnie down, as its V’s doll.

S: But I asked her and she said I could play with it!

Daddy: You asked her? What did she say?

S: She said “Ba!”

I’m still laughing!


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