School Valentines

Published February 12, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

This morning I vowed to go to bed by 11 every night because I am perpetually tired. My usual bedtime is between midnight and 1 am.

Here it is 11:20pm and I am trying to sort out the valentines. Sometime in January, before our Christmas decorations were taken down and put away, S got very jazzed up to make valentines for her friends at school. This being her first year at school she doesn’t yet realize that everyone else will be handing out tiny postcard-style things with silly puns. I don’t think she would much care, as the joy of using glittery glue and paint overshadows any negatives.

I made folded cards from white card stock, cut out dozens of heart shapes in pink and red, some with scalloped edges and others with smooth edges. S was delighted to layer all of these ingredients on the folded cards, crafting elaborate valentines. Such beauty! Such joy! Such love!

The beauty, joy, and love lasted until little sister awoke from her nap, and then they were off doing something else. I knew we were short one card, plus cards for the teachers. We took care of these this past weekend, on our No TV Day.

Monday I find out we need yet another card, as we got a class list and there is a new name. S doesn’t actually know who this child is, and continually comes up with all sorts of reasons for this mysterious name being on the list. No matter, we still need to make this child a valentine. We are totally out of card stock, and S is so done with making heart stuff she asked we make gingerbread man cookies for valentines day. I would like nothing more than to go get a box of Disney valentines and fill out some names.

Instead of going to bed like I promised myself, I thought I best get the valentines organized, at least start filling out the “Happy Valentine’s Day!” part, as S made specific cards for certain friends and I cannot recall which one is for who. I get out the stack of cards and count them.

There are eleven cards.

I thought we had fourteen. We need fifteen cards. We are four short. We are out of card stock, I just remembered we also need envelopes for these things, and Valentine’s Day is the day after tomorrow. Plus, she’s so done with making valentine’s stuff that she only wanted the green and blue paints on Sunday.

Also, after that disaster, I put S on a no-painting punishment, for wasting so much paint.


I’m going to end up making the final four cards myself, aren’t I?


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