Pancake Breakfast

Published February 7, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

We have pancakes here a lot. I love them, and if I add chocolate chips to them both girls will devour their breakfast. It’s a win/win, with the only cons being the time used, the dirty dishes created, the high calorie content, and the lack of nutrition. Like I said, it’s a win/win.

Despite my cooking and baking prowess, I am terrible at making pancakes from scratch. I’ve received tips from a former professional chef and still fail at Pancake Making 101. Which is why we’ve been in something of a pancake drought, not even imbibing on National Pancake Day: I ran out of boxed mix.

The girls are sick – AGAIN – and things have been rough. To reward them for sleeping through the night – and as a treat for us all – I sucked it up and made pancakes from scratch. I had to go off recipe as I saw no need to use oil with mashed banana, and I had a fraction of the necessary milk. Had to add almond milk to make up for it, which I don’t think is a clean conversion from buttermilk but I soldiered on.

My efforts, and completely destroyed kitchen, were well rewarded. S cried/whined that her first tiny pancake wasn’t chocolatey enough, and was (I quote), “Yucky!” without even tasting it. Her second tiny pancake dared to have a bite WITHOUT ANY CHOCOLATE CHIPS! which apparently is a crime in these here parts. Miss V ate one and a half tiny pancakes herself, before asking for an orange.

I ate while I cooked so this is the platter I was left with, after the children had their mouse-sized portions:


Yep, a win/win.


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