Published February 5, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

I’ve never been one to lose things but ever since having kids I feel like The Borrowers have moved into our house. What they’d want with baby nail clippers I’m sure I don’t know but it’s been three years, and despite moving every single piece of furniture in the house, we’ve yet to find them.

Now that we have an absurd number of toys, and S regularly hides things, we’ve lost a number of toy parts. Currently I have a mental list of our missing toys:

– new Dollhouse Big Sister (aka Hick Cousin)

– Barbie house birthday cake

– 1 of 3 tiny Cinderellas

– 1 of 2 eraser car axels

– Melissa & Doug toolbox screwdriver

– yellow ball to the LeapFrog Octopus

I know I’m forgetting something and its driving me nuts.

I decided to put the list on paper and tack it to the fridge. Perhaps if The Borrowers don’t need these things they will return them, now that they know we are missing them.

I feel my grip on sanity getting looser by the day.


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