Published February 1, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Today, Thursday 31 January 2013, was an extraordinary day. It was the kind of day to be noted in memoirs, record books, calendars. The kind of day you want to share via airplane banner or newspaper ad. The kind of day you want to run through the streets shouting about, except it was quite cold out so not so much with the street running.
It was, in short, A Good Day.
There was no fighting. No grabbing of toys away from each other. No crying about V opening the door to the bathroom while S was trying to use the facilities.
Everyone listened. They did as they were asked. They ate their meals without objection. They played together nicely, many times throughout the day.
There was no hysteria. No crying or shouting or fits of drama. Not even by me.
I’ve been reviewing the day, from the moment I awoke, to try to find what was different. What act, action, reaction – however small or large – caused this shift?
I desperately want to know. Today was such a nice day of being mommy that I would really like to replicate it, every day, until they move out.
Is that too grand a dream?

In the end, it doesn’t really matter. Even if I knew what caused this Day of Delight I could never replicate the glory of today. Trying for a redo is always disappointing as it never works. You cannot replicate every detail of an entire day. It’s just impossible. I tried it once with a meal at a diner. The first time was wonderful, the second a disaster.
I’ll just have to relive today’s glory through memory, and hope that tomorrow isn’t so horrific that it erases this amazing feeling of happiness and contentment that today has given me.


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