Published January 23, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

As a baby, V was a great sleeper. S was a terrible sleeper as an infant so it was remarkable and joyous that V napped and slept so well.
Now, it’s a bit different. She still takes one solid, almost dependable nap, but the night thing isn’t as certain.
Take tonight. She’s rubbing her (puffy) eyes, laying her head on pillows and chair seats, but when I pick her up to get her to sleep she arches her back and squeals. Not exactly typical pre-slumber behavior.
I’m letting her play in her room, where she’s brought me half-a-dozen books to read (and then doesn’t want to sit for the reading part) and has strewn stuffed animals and dolls all over the place. She’s obviously exhausted so how she’s still playing is beyond me.
I know I can fall asleep within two minutes of laying my head on my pillow so this whole ‘tough time going to sleep’ bit is something to which I cannot relate. I can remember being upset when I found out that 1st Grade was a full day of school and that nap time was not provided. I had the earliest bedtime of anyone I knew because I needed so much sleep. How are these my children? How is S, who stopped napping at age 2.5, my kid? Don’t they know we are the Sleeping Bear family?
The rebellion has already begun.
I thought we had more time.


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