Spider Soup

Published January 21, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

For no particular reason all of the trimmed branches from our Yuletide tree have been sitting on the front lawn, in S’s wheelbarrow. It was kind of festive, the wheelbarrow being red and the tree branches being evergreen.

Since I finally hauled the tree to the curb (bye-bye tree! sniff) I dumped the trimmed branches on the curb, too, much to S’s distress. She needed those branches! I apologized and suggested she put other things in the wheelbarrow, so she got to work filling it up again, with an assortment of treasures from the yard. Rocks and sticks and leaves, oh my!
Rather than leave it on the front lawn again and risk it being stolen (it was only there for a full month before, don’t ask me why it’s a theft risk now), I wheeled her concoction to the side of the house, being careful not to lose any leaves. This caused its own level of distress until she realized she could see it from a side window.
What was so important about this pile of leaves?
While she was filling up the wheelbarrow she kept telling me she was making soup. Then she called it Spider Soup. Several days later I got the full story:
There was a spider in the kitchen so I put him on my finger and took him outside and put him in the wheelbarrow. Then I made him soup so he would have food!
I see….
Lucky spider.


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