Published January 17, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

There are certain activities we do only while V is sleeping. Of course, they are some of S’s favorite things to do – painting, play dough, puzzles. There’s also a bag of all the tiny parts from various toys (mainly Barbie) that are irresistible choking hazards which were removed from regular play, in hopes we can stay out of the ER. We call it ‘Bag of Tiny Things’.
Today when S got home from school V was still asleep. The excitement was palpable. “Can we do something that we can only do while V is sleeping??????” Sure, Baby.
I nixed play dough (I hate play dough!) so we settled on painting. Recently we made valentines cards for all of the kids in her class, which was great fun. Today she made a valentine for one of her aunts, a painting for Daddy, a picture of a raspberry tree, and one other item.
My very favorite thing about painting with S is her lack of rules. She doesn’t know what art is ‘supposed’ to look like. She has no secret desire to be an Artist, or preconceived notions of what her work will be. She just paints. Sometimes she combines the nastiest colors into a wretched sea of dark grey and brown, all with a greenish tinge. I must compliment her on the beauty of her work, even though it looks like she painted a picture of our muddy, unkept garden after a rainstorm.
Lately, she’s been big on glueing paper together with paint. She paints two lovely pictures, and then lays one page on the other, sealing in the beauty. She made one of those creations today. The only visible paint was a single dot on the outside. I asked about it, and that’s exactly how she wanted it.
Her painting for Daddy included a sticker she peeled off her Barbie house, which she stuck to the paper, sticky side out, and then painted.
It’s very freeing, watching her work. Here I am, knocking on 40’s door, and I’m learning to paint (again) from my three year-old.
She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.



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