Battle of the Babies

Published January 14, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Having been an only child for over two years, S is still learning how to share. Being relatively new and having no concept of possessions, V thinks everything is fair game.
The toughest toy battle is over the baby dolls. S is Mommy to many babies and that’s generally not a shared title. V repeatedly absconds with S’s favorite babies, squealing with delight at the doll or her slyness – which it is, I’m never certain. Once S discovers the kidnapping the fighting begins and everyone starts crying. Oh, my head.
I am the youngest of three girls so I have no experience in the broad view of how these battles play out. I thought the solution was to get them identical dolls so everyone would have their own Emma, Jenna, Little Mommy, etc. Apparently I’m clueless because I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.
While S constantly took V’s Jenna doll, even though it was V’s only real baby doll and a birthday present from S, no less, now that she has her own Jenna the two Jennas are all but forgotten. V only plays with S’s Little Mommy doll, even though she has her own. I tried to make the switch this morning, but instead of taking the bait V moved on to Emma.
Emma is top doll. I’ve written about her before. An odd-looking doll when new, she has been loved to the point of deformity, and then loved even more. It’s heartwarming if you apply the situation to a living being, the physically misformed child being so loved and adored by all. What is it about this doll? Is it her size, her squishiness? Or is it just that she smells like S?
Cloth dolls can be washed in the machine but I’m afraid to put Emma in, in case the agitator becomes her undoing. S has given me the go-ahead to “bathe” her babies at night, while she is sleeping. The stress of them being in the washer is too much for any mommy to bear.
There remains another possibility. Perhaps at 14 months V is already toying with her big sister’s emotions. Perhaps she purposely goes for S’s dolls, just to upset S. Could she be that crafty? That clever? That sly?
I think I’m in trouble.


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