Stage 2: Anger

Published January 6, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear


In the 24 hrs since I started this diet I’ve discovered that much like grief there are seven stages. Or at least two stages, that I’ve so far noticed.
Stage One: Whiny. I’m not going to further expand as it was unpleasant to experience and I was the one whining.
Stage Two: Anger. I weighed myself before breakfast, and discovered I gained 1.2 lbs. So.Pissed.Off. I seriously held back, didn’t binge once and passed up all sorts of delicious yet high caloric foods and I gained weight.
I’m so angry and I really want to dive into a huge stack of pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes smothered in butter – which would make me feel so full, happy, and satisfied – but I’m not going to. I can’t take my frustrations out on the kids and Husband isn’t home today. What now? What’s my next move?
S starts crying that I won’t let her have the chocolate milk boxes we bought for school so I agree to give her chocolate milk in a cup. For breakfast. I don’t have the patience to deal with her whining and crying without overreacting so I just give her whatever it is that will make her quiet. Turns out that is cocoa almond butter (the almond version of Nutella) on bread, to go with her chocolate milk. Fine, whatever. Don’t care right now.
To ensure there is no fighting over cups I give V the same drink, but I haven’t sunk so low as to give her a chocolate sandwich. Instead I give her a peanut butter sandwich, with a spoonful of cocoa almond butter on the side. So there would be no fighting.
I leave them to their breakfasts to prepare my own, and finally make a cup of coffee which had better be damn good this morning because I really need it.
I come back to the table to find breakfast over. S took mouse bites of her sandwich and declared herself full. V covered her face, hair, tray, shirt, pants, and seat with bits of bread and huge smears of peanut butter and chocolate.
I wonder what Stage Three will bring.



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