The Moron Test

Published January 4, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Being a SAHM I sometimes worry about my brain turning to pudding – mostly because it is. My time-waster iPhone game is solitaire, and I only play Russian Revolver because it is easy to win.
A few days ago I searched for brain teaser games and found a free version of The Moron Test. Score!
Yeah, not so much.
In between every checkpoint is an ad for another game. You can close it but it still takes about 12 seconds to get back to the game. So. Annoying.
It’s marketing genius, really. Offer a fun game – that if played well gives you compliments on your intelligence – for free so people realize just how great your game is. Then put in frequent, long ads to annoy players so much they eagerly go to the App Store and buy the real version, just to make those annoying ads go away.
I have free versions of some things. If I really like it I will buy the real version. Never before have I found a free version to be so annoyingly full of annoying ads that it was unusable. At this point, though, I’m so annoyed I don’t want to give them a dollar, just so I don’t encourage this terrible treatment.
Is this part of the test?


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