Sock Monkey-in-a-Box

Published January 2, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear

Yesterday I introduced V to our Sock Monkey jack-in-the-box. She was somewhat interested, and then moved on to the more stimulating activity of chewing on a tiny princess doll. Today she toddles into the kitchen, all smiles, holding the Sock Monkey. She has him by the arms & tries to dislodge him from the box. She can’t so she drops the toy with an unhappy shout & moves on.
I can remember the same disappointment with that toy myself, when I was a kid. What’s this ‘half a stuffed toy’ nonsense? Who designed this thing?? It’s a tease of a toy, showing the top half of a stuffed friend, that is forever attached to a clunky box. Were they too cheap, or too lazy to make the rest of the stuffed toy?
Is everyone else bothered by these toy injustices, or is it just us?


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