Published January 1, 2013 by clanofthesleepingbear


In a house with two little girls we have lots of baby dolls. LOTS of baby dolls. S has two Little Mommy babies, one Cabbage Patch Kid, one very fancy Disney store Cinderella baby, a Melissa and Doug Jenna doll, and assorted other babies. With all of these lovely babies the overwhelming favorite is, of course, Emma.
Emma is the least attractive doll we have. Her head, wrists/hands, ankles/feet are Caucasian flesh-colored plastic, but the rest of her is white cloth. After years of love she now measures 19.5 inches, although I’m guessing she started at 18 inches. Her hands and feet face behind her, and when clothed her arms and legs hang out of the bottom of her sleeves and pant legs. She only has eyelashes on one eye, as S ripped off the other set long ago.
I can’t figure out why both girls adore this doll so much. S asked Santa for a matching Christmas dress for Emma. V steals her every chance she gets. S makes up elaborate stories about Emma, who has now achieved the ranks of imaginary friend.
Emma has another mom (in addition to S), and a second house on a farm where she lives with Kitty (stuffed animal). She makes banana cream soup, which sounded so delicious I asked for the recipe. She sleeps all day long, and even though she has a cradle in S’s room is forced to sleep downstairs, because “she likes to”.
Emma even got Christmas presents this year. Santa brought her a Christmas dress to match S’s, and S’s grandmom gave Emma pajamas.



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