Published December 26, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

Dear Keri,
If you eat all of the fudge today there won’t be any left tomorrow. Have you forgotten how sick and whiny the children are? You’re going to need that fudge tomorrow. Stop being a glutton and leave the fudge alone. You’re going to need it tomorrow, to reward yourself for staying calm and caring through hours of whining and tears.


P.S. Stop writing letters to yourself and clean up the house. It’s a mess! Plus, writing to yourself is likely a sign of insanity. So stop it. You’re still typing. Why are you still typing? Stop it! Oh, I give up. Go eat some fudge, you deserve it. Your butt’s already huge, how much bigger could it get? Don’t answer that, it could get much bigger. There’s always room to grow. Why am I still typing??


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