Published November 21, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. We never have before and may never again. It’s just us and J’s parents but this enormous dinner is still a requirement.

I have spent a week cleaning and everything is dirty again. I may or may not vacuum again tomorrow. I still have to clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen floor. I wouldn’t mind cleaning if it lasted but an hour after cleaning anything and it looks like nothing was done. I also have eight loads of laundry to fold tonight, even though I just did six loads of laundry less than a week ago.

Today I baked. I made: one pumpkin pie from freshly baked pumpkin (also baked today), one apple crisp, one baked apple ‘pie’, and jellied cranberry sauce. Two batches of the last thing, really, as I burnt the first one and had to toss it.

Tomorrow I have 80 kabillion things to do for this meal. I am making three side dishes that I’ve never made before, cornbread muffins, and three side dishes that I have made before.

We still haven’t decorated for this holiday, even though we made decorations a week ago. I’ve been too busy cleaning and then baking, while ignoring my children, to decorate.

All this because I thought it would be nice to host a holiday for once, and S really wanted to. Holiday hosting is overrated. WAY overrated.

At least we don’t have to drive anywhere.


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