Published November 16, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

V has reached that development milestone where she puts things in other things, or takes things out of other things. Drawers, purses, baskets, boxes, etc., are constantly being emptied of their contents. Conversely, random things are added to empty bags, boxes, and any other type of container she might find. Including the bathtub.

Last week, while S was in the full tub, V carefully gathered up the hair dryer and walked it across the room to the tub. I anticipated her next move (plunk!) and took the hair dryer from her, setting off a huge fit of crying. I put it on the floor in front of her and said she could play with it. Tears stopped. She carefully gathered it all up again (a slow process due to the long cord) and walked it back over to the tub. Mommy interceded again. Shrieks of outrage ensued.

Several nights later this process was repeated, only with the battery-operated car dashboard toy. I saved S’s life by once again ruining V’s fun and taking the toy away before it hit the water.

We’re living life on the edge over here!


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