Published November 2, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

Here in the Garden State we’ve had a bit of a storm. Perhaps you heard about Superstorm Sandy, or Frankenstorm, as the media dubbed her? An unholy union of a tropical storm/hurricane (depending upon the hour) and a nor’easter. It was, in a word, awful.

We live by Philly and somehow escaped most of Sandy’s wrath. We personally lost power for almost a day. Some people lost power for most of the week, and some trees (occasionally falling on a house) but all in all our area fared very well. Even the Delaware tributary our town rests beside did not flood the lower part of the town. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Much of the state – in particular the coastline and barrier islands – fared far worse than we. Entire neighborhoods, and a few towns, are completely devastated.

All this happened October 29, two days before Halloween.

On October 30 we all woke up, saw our world still standing, and went to work cleaning up the fallen branches, etc. About an hour later the tizzy over Halloween began.

“What about Halloween? Is there still trick-or-treating tomorrow?”

Like its the biggest issue we have going. Like no one lost their home. Like no one died in this storm.

Truly, I am thankful that trick-or-treating was the biggest issue most of my neighbors had but SERIOUSLY! Get some perspective!

This isn’t an area with a lot of homeschoolers. If there’s one homeschooling family in my town I’d be shocked. There’s not even a Catholic grammer school any longer. Our kids all go to public school. I am quite confident that the school would tell us when to trick-or-treat, and since all of our kids go to the same school we will all get the same information.

And we did.

We received an auto-call on Tuesday night informing us that school would be in session on Wednesday and the elementary school would have their Halloween parade and party on Wednesday, as originally scheduled. Wednesday late morning the Governor announced that by Executive Order Halloween trick-or-treating will be on Monday, November 5 for the entire state. At the parade, which goes through the town park, the principal handed out notices saying, “Happy Halloween, there’s no Halloween.”

I think it’s a good order, on the part of the Governor. Make it the same for everyone, and give people a chance to get their lives back in order. Hopefully everyone who can will have power restored by then. It’s hard to think about holiday fun when your house is cold and dark and all of your food has spoiled.

Halloween night was strange. The streets were quiet and empty. The next day all of the stores put their Halloween stock on clearance. Facebook was full of photos and stories of the rest of the nation celebrating Halloween. It’s like we missed it. We were all counting our blessings and connecting with loved ones across the state, sharing the horror as images of the destroyed coastline were posted, and the rest of the rest of the nation was in costume collecting candy.

Kids, resilient as they are, seem okay with the rescheduled candy-collection. S was actually a bit excited as now she gets to dress-up on Monday, too.

Me, I’m just glad our house is still standing.


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