Outgoing Mail

Published November 1, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

S’s best friend A lives one town over. Because they are both in school and their baby sisters have completely different nap schedules S and A only see each other once every few weeks. It does nothing to lessen their great love for each other.

S frequently puts dandelions (dead ones, poofs without any poof left) in the mailbox so our mail carrier can take them to A. Then she checks the box later to see if he’s taken them. Lucky for me she doesn’t expect a response from A or she’d be sorely disappointed to learn that the dead dandelions just get tossed into the garden instead of delivered to her friend.

Once she came to me with pages full of drawings, telling me it was a letter for A that she wanted to put in the mailbox. I put them in an envelope (with a beloved dead dandelion) and actually mailed this to A. I didn’t tell A’s mom that we did this so it was a complete surprise when S’s ‘letter’ showed up in their mailbox and A was overjoyed.

Today S found a stick in the yard that she wanted A to have, and asked to mail it. I tried to dissuade her with excuses of too-small envelopes and a stamp shortage but she would not be deterred. Never mind that A’s mom doesn’t want her to have a stick in the house any more than I want S to. I can just hear A now: “But S gave it to me! You CAN’T throw it OUTSIDE!!!”

Confident in the mail carrier’s job of delivering things found in mailboxes, S put the stick in, half in and half out of the box, just like a letter.


I wonder what the mail carrier thinks.


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