Published October 24, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

Baby V turns one on Tuesday and her party is this Saturday. We just do a small, family party to celebrate year 1 but I still like to have a theme and decorate, etc.

When S turned one I spent two months planning her ladybug party. Not that it was an elaborate affair but it was my first themed party and I couldn’t find any suitable ladybug paper goods. My mom found an adorable ladybug dress, which S wore for her party.

Four days from V’s party and I am not nearly so prepared. I have the paper goods – some bought today and the rest ordered online and HOPEFULLY arriving very soon. I went with a kitty theme and found cute plates and such featuring a long-haired tabby wearing a party hat and blowing a streamer, on a lavender background. I think that’s what they look like, at least, as they haven’t yet arrived on my doorstep. The meal is simple, and after 3 previous parties I think we have a good handle on decorations. I just have to order the cake and figure out what we are all going to wear.

I was discussing the clothing dilemma with S tonight, asking which of her MANY party dresses she’d like to wear.

“Can I wear my Cinderella dress?”
“No, that was for your Cinderella party. V is having a kitty party. What about your purple dress, the one from the picture?”
“Can I be a puppy? And wear my puppy costume? And you can paint my face. I’m not going to wear the ears, though, so my hair will be the ears.”

Maybe having cats as both V’s party theme and Halloween costume was a mistake.

On a side note, apparently the puppy costume is a big hit.


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