Murphy’s Law of Parenting

Published October 22, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

I should probably research if Murphy’s Law is trademarked or copywritten, etc, before I label a post this way but I’m tired & the baby’s napping so I’m going to chance it for a few hours. I’m broke and I have an audience of 2, I think, so there’s little point in suing me.

Murphy’s Law of Parenting. They all involve sleeping, a parent’s most precious and rarest resource:

If you can sleep in, the children will wake up at least an hour earlier than normal.

If you have two children and one wakes up at 4am, she won’t go back to sleep until 5 minutes before the other child wakes up, thus ensuring you don’t get back to sleep yourself.

If you are really tired – sick, up late all week doing projects, etc – and you are counting on naptime to lie down yourself, you can be sure no one will take a nap that day.

If you have made travel arrangements around naptime, making sure that the two hour car ride coincides perfectly with the time your beloved always naps, she will fall asleep two hours early and wake up just in time to get in the car. Two hours of screaming will then commence.

This is a work in progress. My brain has shut down from lack of sleep.


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