Published October 22, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

V woke up today with a fever. Quite high, over 102 even with Tylenol. Neither of my kids have ever had a real fever before so this is all new territory for me.

I called the doctor and made an appointment. We expected an ear infection as V is otherwise symptom-free. Nope. Ears, throat, chest, and lungs are all clear. Right now it’s just a fever. It could be the sign of a slight ‘bug’ or it could be something more. If the fever is still over 102 by Wednesday morning we will come back in and the doctor will start testing.

Kids get sick. I know this. I was sick all of the time as a kid. My standard fever was 102.

All day I’ve been holding my fussy, feverish girl hoping she gets better for her first birthday party on Saturday. I’ve been thinking about how to get all of the party & gift shopping done with a sick baby. My constant thought has been about the poor timing of this illness. As if she could help it.

V is an easy baby. She’s happy, easily satisfied, enjoys playing by herself, loves playing with her Sissy.

Tonight I started to tweet about it, thinking of the poor timing what with her birthday and Halloween next week. And then I stopped.

What if this isn’t just a little bug? What if its the sign of a Problem? Here I am thinking about inconsequential things and she could be seriously ill. I mean, she’s not, of course. I’m sure it’s just a bug. But what if its not? Probably all parents with seriously ill children think its something minor in the beginning. No one expects a catastrophe.

I’m sure it’s just a bug. I’ve been headachy & achey for three days now. She probably has something similar to what I have. I hope.

My poor baby. I don’t often want to speed up time but right now I wouldn’t mind a peek at how things turn out on Wednesday.


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