Published October 21, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

Have you ever given a bath to a pre-verbal kid? If you do it daily it gets pretty dull. When S was a baby Husband worked a second job so it was just us girls most nights. The Mommy Show would run out of steam sometime before dinner and by bath time I was just DONE.

To liven up our nightly baths I would sing songs. I only know 1 bath-related song and its that awful “Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath” one that I absolutely hate. I started singing songs related to her bath toys, which were mainly ducks. I would put a rubber duck on my head, another on her head, and a third on the cat’s back (who would usually hang out on the tub ledge) and sing “Six Little Ducks” over and over and over again. Everyone but the cat had fun.

Now I’m back to bathing a pre-verbal baby and while Miss V loves bath time I feel like I need to interact with her in the tub, rafter than just watch her chew on toys. The ducks have mainly been demoted to trash, and to be honest there’s a limit to how long I can sing one particular song, so I was needing a new song. Luckily, one of the new favorite bath toys is a beaver, aka woodchuck. Score.

Purple Woodchuck sings “How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck” as he dances across the tub ledge. He sings with a country twang, and when he’s done (4 identical verses) he stops and asks V, “Well, how much?” and she giggles. He then turns to S and asks her the same question. Her response varies between “4”, “6”, and “14”. Fourteen what, you ask? Purple Woodchuck has asked the same question. Fourteen wood is the answer.

The other favorite toy is Blue Otter and try as I might, I couldn’t think of an otter song. So I made one up. It’s also sung with a country twang, and accompanied by dancing on the tub ledge.

“Oh, how much fodder
Can an otter solder
If an otter could solder fodder?”

After the four identical verses the otter also asks the ‘how much’ question and receives identical answers to those received by the woodchuck.

S has gotten very good at remembering songs and now does the singing in her bath. The other day she ended the song with the ‘how much?’ question, to which I responded, “14!” because it seems to be her favorite number. Then things got interesting.

“Fourteen fodders? That’s a lot of fodder!”

It’s adorable because while she can’t sing in a country twang she does use a ‘voice’ and I just gush at the cuteness.

I then made a new song:

“Fourteen fodders is a lot of fodder
For one little otter to solder!”

It was about a week before my husband heard my new songs. He thinks I’m nuts.

I think he doesn’t know artistic genius when he hears it.


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