Published October 17, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

Why can’t I just do what everyone else does and buy packaged costumes for Halloween? Why must I insist upon making them??

“It’ll be so easy! And much cheaper!”


Tomorrow afternoon is the MOMS Club Halloween party. Since S is always crawling around the house pretending to be a puppy I thought it’d be cute – and a treat for her – to be a puppy for Halloween. Since I am a dork and I want my kids’ costumes to go together I decided to make V a kitty. Easy, right? Just get brown & black sweatsuits, felt on hairbands for the ears, & somehow make tails. Simple.

Brown and black sweatsuits are not easy to come by in children’s sizes. I even checked the Hanes website. No luck. Girls are to wear pink or purple sweatsuits and boys can wear brown and black, but only in a sweatshirt.

I lucked out at Old Navy & found a brown top & yoga pants (although I discovered today they are slightly different browns despite being displayed on the same shelf) for S. I couldn’t find a black set for V in the right size but they did have a onesie & pants in a grey leopard print. Score!

Tonight I will be constructing ears out of felt and somehow attaching them to stretchy hairbands as the hard plastic kind are painful to wear (even though they are quite easy to glue felt ears on). I will also be making tails out of furry cord. I spent just as much on supplies as I would’ve on packaged costumes only I still have hours of work ahead of me, never mind the time tomorrow painting faces with makeup I haven’t yet purchased.

On my way home from a painful shopping trip for ear- & tail-making supplies I vowed (in my head of course) to buy costumes at the after-Halloween sale for next year & skip all this aggravation. Then I remembered what kind of costumes are sold for little girls. Pretty costumes. Every single one of them. You can’t buy a simple bumble bee, witch, or cat costume. They all have tulle and sparkles on them, and have the word ‘pretty’ in the name.

Next year they’re both going as ghosts. That’s an easy costume, right?


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