Published October 16, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

So, APPARENTLY letting herbs sit in water for two days after picking them will cause said herbs to rot. I’m guessing half-rotten oregano will not improve the flavor of any food I cook, and I’m pretty sure using rotten bergamot in prosperity magick will not produce the desired results.

Today has been a day of lessons. This afternoon I learned that wearing rings while washing mildewed bath toys in bleach water will turn the rings black. It did no favors to the surface of my hands, either. I now have clean toys, a black wedding band, and raw hands.

My husband should be pleased, though. The pots of herbs are gone from the kitchen counter, as is the bowl of dirty bath toys. Now there are two piles of rotting herbs, and a different tub of clean bath toys soaking in soapy water (to get rid of the bleach). 😀


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