Communication is Key

Published October 16, 2012 by clanofthesleepingbear

Lately my darling three year-old has been a bear to feed. Not the bear who eats picnic baskets or all the food from campsites, unfortunately.

Both kids are huge pasta fans so generally I can’t go wrong with a big bowl of pasta. Unless its stuffed with ricotta cheese, that is. I made several trays of stuffed shells the other night, forgetting to melt mozzarella on top, and they’ve been received as well as a twig & leaf sauté. Tonight we are having the last of the shells so I made pasta and mushrooms for the girls, thinking I would avoid the whole issue of scooping out the stuffing from the shells before chopping up the pasta into tiny pieces. Yes, the irony of unstuffing shells that I stayed up late one night stuffing is just delicious.

S, being 3, didn’t like any part of dinner. I still had to unstuff a shell because she claimed to not like mushrooms. Seeing her sister eat mushrooms off the tip of my finger had her requesting mushrooms hand-fed to her as well. I forced some pasta on her and then called the nightly dinner battle over. At which point I then offered up 6 different other foods because she didn’t eat enough and I refuse to bring her back downstairs in two hours because she is sobbing that she’s hungry.

We settled on peanut butter on crackers (one side only, thank you!). I then thought to ask just what was so wrong about tonight’s dinner. Novel idea, I know!

“I don’t like the things from the backyard on it.”
“The oregano? You don’t like the way it looks or you don’t like the way it tastes?”
“I don’t like the way it looks.”

Huh. After three years of my cooking with fresh herbs, and her delight in both picking herbs & adding them to dinner, she’s decided she doesn’t like them. I’m guessing this is directly related to the spinach I am constantly (badly) sneaking into foods in a feeble attempt to feed us more vegetables. Instead of eating more vegetables she’s now suspicious of all things leafy & green.

S: 1
Mom: 0



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